PHOENIX, ARIZONA, JUNE 16, 2018 – The stars aligned for a gathering called the Productive Business Summit & Golden Rule Global Awards, at the Falls Event Center in Gilbert, Arizona. The conference was organized by Dr. Vernet A. Joseph, a productivity speaker, best-selling author and the Founder/CEO of Live To Produce Enterprises, LLC. The day-long conference involved workshops about business strategies, ranging from social media & marketing to understanding financial responsibilities/opportunities; awards were given there to a wide variety of community leaders from the US and nine other countries.

The theme EXECUTING THE POWER OF COLLABORATION was in-line with the mission, which was clearly to unite the business community, industry influencers and global leaders for a day of productive impact and recognition. The Diversity of speakers ranged from the Founder/CEO of UpwardActionMedia® and FaithFocusFlow from Washington D.C. who is a lawyer by trade Tasha TC Cooper, she provided business strategies on how to dominate using social media and market, to a Spoken Word Artist from Arizona, Kylelashay Draper, who reminded everyone you must always dream big, and there is never any room to think small, to the founder of Lias Apps from Dallas, Texas Dr. Kevin Lias, who taught us how to maximize our reach through the emerging technology of mobile apps, to the Founder of Will Moreland International, America’s #1 Leadership Life Trainer from Phoenix, Arizona Dr. Will Moreland, who shared how to be genius in an average world, by achieving clarity, to the Founder of Even Stevens Sandwich Shop’s which the fastest craft-casual restaurant concept in the world, from Salt Lake City, Utah Steve Down who spoken on the understanding the possibilities of cause capitalism and the Founder of P&V Consulting Group from Guatemala – Renan Gonzalez – who spoke about strategy execution being the key to extraordinary results.    

The Golden Rule Global awards were presented by Dr. Clyde Rivers, the Honorary Ambassador at Large of the Republic of Burundi. Ambassador Rivers has earned innumerable awards, such as being given the Title of Don/Sir Dr. Clyde Rivers as he was Knighted into the original Kingdom of Guatemala, and the great city of La Antigua. Knighted by Lord EDUARDO L. PRADO S. the Commodore De Santiago De Los Caballeros De La Antigua Guatemala. Rivers is the recipient of the Danny K. Davis Peace Prize 2017, U.S. Congressman of Illinois. This annual Congressional Award given for excelling in peace and diplomacy and making a difference in people’s lives. Dr. Rivers is the recipient of an Honorable Mention for the American Civic Collaboration Award and Dr. Rivers won the United States Presidential Life Achievement Award for over 4,000 volunteer hours of serving the nation and humanity 2017 – Celebrating Partnerships that Strengthen America. He is also the Founder and President of IChange Nations (ICN), which improves the quality of life throughout the world by emphasizing honor, trust, dignity, and civil discourse.

There were over 10 categories of awards presented and over 25 awardees during the Golden Rule Global awards portion of the summit. Examples of the awards range from World Civility, (Steve Down - Salt Lake City, Utah), (Susan Down - Salt Lake City, Utah), (Cassandra Buchanan – California), (Gabriel Mwamba- Zambia), (Eric Melwani - India), (Janet Melwani - Florida), (Noel McKenzie – Jamaica), (Lucy McKenzie – Kenya), (Michael Yemba – S. Sudan), (Simpson Campbell – Sierra Leone), (Mauricio Juarez – S. Sudan), (Tony Jaja – S. Sudan), (Michael Kingsley – Uganda), (Tony Rivero – Phoenix, Arizona), (Renan Gonzalez – Guatemala). Golden Rule International, (Paul Ramos – Mexico), (Bobby Hawkins – California), (Daniel Voss – Queen Creek, Arizona). Challenged Champions & Heroes, (Dr. Angela M. Allen - Phoenix, Arizona), (Telma C. Martinez Urrutia – Guatemala). Community Ambassador, (Elena Thornton - Phoenix, Arizona), (Jim Thornton - Phoenix, Arizona). Youth Add Value, (Isaiah Acosta - Phoenix, Arizona), (Jonathan Pantoja – Phoenix, Arizona). ICN Women Add Value, (Tamika Williams – Maricopa, Arizona). ICN Golden Rule Business, (Steve Down Salt Lake City, Utah). ICN Distinguished Leadership, (Alvin R. Heggs – Gilbert, Arizona). Women of Global Solutions, (Tasha “TC” Cooper –Washington, DC). ICN Girma Wolde Giorgis Environmental Presidential, (Denise Meridith – Phoenix, Arizona). UGCSI Honorary Doctorates, (Paul Ramos – Mexico), (Delia Andrea Montoya – America), (Will Moreland - Phoenix, Arizona), (Jamal Cummins - Madison, Alabama), (Marquez D. Hughley - Tampa, Florida), (Vernet A. Joseph - Mesa, Arizona), (Daniel Voss - Queen Creek, Arizona).

The Law of attraction is the ability to attract into one’s life whatever is focused on, regardless of age, nationality or religious belief. The Productive Business Summit & Golden Rule Global Awards sought to plant the seed of the Golden Rule which is – “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” in the hearts of all of its attendees. When make good business practices that are rooted in principles & values of trust, honor, integrity, and human dignity we will fulfill the mandate in which IChangeNations stands for, which is bringing back “the lost art of honor.” The Productive Business Summit & Golden Rule Global Awards are committed to establishing cultures of honor all around the globe one step at a time.

When the founder and organizer of the summit was asked how he felt about the event, Dr. Vernet said, “I am simply amazed at how things unfolded, this was a concept that I had over 8 years ago, but I would have never imagined that it would come together like this. I always stress to my clients and those that I am blessed to empower, that life is about relationships. It never gets old, and it’s simply mind blowing how God continues to show up and show out in my life. We had over 9 countries represented at the Productive Business Summit this year: South Sudan (North Africa), Sierra Leone (West Africa), India (South Asia), Kenya (East Africa), Zambia (East Africa), Guatemala (Central America), Jamaica (Caribbean), Saint. Maarten (Caribbean), Haiti (Caribbean), and we are just getting started. 


Executing The Power of Collaboration

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