LA (BBR) - Posh Luxury Imports was founded by Omar McGee. With a lifetime of experience working next to his father Arthur McGee who’s been in auto business for more than 45 years in Flint Michigan. After High School Omar attended Howard University to further his education with the goal to take the car business to the next level and opened Posh Luxury Imports in Los Angeles California. Omar’s dream is to not only make it exciting for the customer but to make it convenient. The beauty of Posh is we do all the work. It’s our job to find the car of your dreams under sticker price and deliver the car to your door step. At Posh the only thing a customer has to do, is make the call.
For us, It’s nothing better than watching our customers smile while we deliver them the car of their dreams.
Posh Luxury Imports is a one stop shop. We have our exotic rentals for our high end customers. Posh provides any car you can dream of from Rolls Royce, Lamborghini, Bentley etc. We rent to some of Los Angeles elite from Entertainers, Athletes, Actors, Doctors, Realestate Moguls, lawyers and some of the most prominent businessmen across the state.
We have a sales and brokering division that’s awesome.
Posh is most proud of our credit repair and financial educational services for our customers. African Americans suffer from outrageous interest rates because of bad credit. Our goal is to educate them on credit literacy and buying a car responsibly. In most cases of bad business, putting customers in a car guaranteed to be unhappy within two years, wanting to get out of it’s contract and can’t because the car is upside down.
“It’s more than just money, it’s about educating our community. It’s already hard enough for single moms, the young men with no family structure, trying to achieve beneficial decisions for himself. At Posh we want to make it easier for them, not harder.”
Posh has relationships with manufacturers across the country which allow us to provide better prices for our customers. Having in-house financing gives us an advantage over our competitors.
We want to have a life time relationship with our customers. It’s our responsibility to make sure our customers are in the best situation as possible. We would rather walk away from a deal than it not be in the best interest of the customer. Helping our community is my purpose, cars is my passion.

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