Baltimore, Maryland (BBR) -  Cheryl Y. Washington is President and CEO of East Baltimore Development, Inc. (EBDI), a 501 (c)(3) established by community, government, institutional and philanthropic partners to revitalize, re-energize and rebuild an 88-acre neighborhood in East Baltimore.  As the first African-American female President and CEO in the organization’s history, Cheryl brings a unique perspective to EBDI that is centered around diversity and community service.

Under Cheryl’s leadership, EBDI has focused on its core values of ensuring legacy and current residents of East Baltimore are engaged in all aspects of the project; fulfilling its commitment to ensure one-third of all the housing units developed are affordable; meeting, if not exceeding, its goals for the inclusion of local, minority and women-owned businesses and the hiring of local residents; and creating a real pathway for legacy residents to return to the transformed neighborhood.

EBDI’s core values are the driving force behind EBDI’s engagements. As a member of a diverse yet majority-African American neighborhood and community, EBDI recognizes its role in ensuring economic inclusion in hiring and contracting, providing relocation benefits to displaced residents, creating a reinvestment fund to support local businesses and provide other workforce supports. EBDI routinely contracts with local/minority/women firms to collaborate on projects ranging from events management to clean, safe and green services to accounting. EBDI is pursuing public arts opportunities that will include local minority artists. EBDI’s comprehensive economic inclusion policy has ensured significant participation of women, minorities, local business enterprises and local workers in all facets of development.

Cheryl is a member of the Henderson-Hopkins School board of directors and is a former board member of Baltimore City Head Start, Outward Bound and Girl Scouts of America.  Prior to coming to EBDI, she was the Executive Director of a non-profit, Aunt Hattie’s Place, Inc., that her mother, Dr. Hattie N. Washington, founded to provide a home for foster children.  Cheryl is a proud member of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority, Inc., whose purpose is to provide assistance and support to local communities throughout the world. Through this lens, Cheryl balances achieving the mission of EBDI while ensuring that diversity, the community and economic inclusion are at the forefront of every major decision.

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