Veteran government relations and public affairs consultant, Marshall C. Bell specializes in stakeholder development, community engagement, and strategic planning. As President and Chief Strategist for Bell Consulting Services, he oversees all projects and campaigns, using his keen understanding of the need for a coherent and concise interface built on trust between...

Nationwide  -- Despite the pandemic, Katrina Wilson, founder of Creme Brulee has been proclaimed as "recession-proof" and is moving forward to develop her multicultural salon in downtown Detroit.

After receiving nearly $600k in funding including grants and loans to launch her multicultural salon, Creme Brulee, last year, she was eager to hit the ground running. That all came to a...


Almost a decade before the pandemic forced America’s students into virtual school,

Granville Templeton’s education-tech startup saw the future

Published in 2021 Maryland Super Lawyers Magazine

In 2011, Granville Templeton III and his business partner had a thought: Let’s digitalize the education system.

“We wanted to create a software system...

BAltimore (BBR) -  Who doesn't want to enjoy freedom - free from pain, free from bondage, free from depressing thoughts and free to have spiritual pleasure in the things of God? “It’s Time To Loose The Shackles” is a literary work that will lead you on a path to divine freedom. A path that can be tread upon through our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ, who came that all...


BBR - Baltimore - We have compiled a list of the top beautiful women on IG who have created magic either through their work or their auras.

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