Baltimore, MD – Apollo Comics, founded by Jose DeFord is developing their first Graphic Novel, John Knight’s Operation – Project A.L.B.A. about a U.S marine battling a group of underground biological terrorists. It doesn’t matter if your black or white, John Knight is a story written for a global audience staring a African-American main character.

This Espionage/Thriller takes place in the none-to-distant future where citizens across the world are assembling into militias to bring down their governments. In this revolution come John Knight and his elite team of US Marines called “The White Eagles”. In their duty to protect us comes a new underground terrorist organization called, “The Red Vultures” who plans to bring the revolution onto a whole new level using Biomolecular Nanotechnology (B.N.T).

For the past decade, Jose DeFord had a dream of becoming a Hollywood filmmaker like James Cameron, Steven Spielberg and Michael Bay. But due to the lack funding and opportunity, he decided to make his spy movie into a graphic novel. Refusing to depend on publishers like Marvel, DC or Images Comics to fulfill his dream, he decided to start his own black-owned business, Apollo Comics in Baltimore, MD.

John Knight is written to appeal to a worldwide multicultural audience exploring the military-industrial complex in an entertaining and captivating way. “I refuse to go through the comic book and Hollywood system to make my dreams happen and pray I can accomplish them my own way like Tyler Perry, Russell Simmons, Jay-Z and other black entrepreneurs,” said Jose DeFord.

With limited funds, Apollo Comics produced 1 out of the 5 Chapters in the Limited-Series and attempting to finish another. For the past 3 months, Jose DeFord been selling copies in the streets of Baltimore to make his project and the struggle continues. If you wish to know more about Jose DeFord and his company, follow him on and purchase John Knight here.

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