Baltimore (BBR) - My name is Cornell Conaway I am the CEO of GAINZ SportsGear LLC, a minority owned business that manufactures elite and unique weight lifting and cross training equipment for men and women. The signature product for the company is the Design Patent Pending GAINZ Load & Lock Grips. The Grips will replace your workout gloves because first it is providing you a tighter and stronger grip, second, the kevlar double layered pad protects your hands from calluses and provides a non slip surface and last there is an added neoprene wrist cushion to help stabilize your wrist.

When my company researched the market we noticed the products that were efficient were overpriced and the bargain products were poorly manufactured. After analyzing the market research, GAINZ SportsGear decided to combine functionality with fashion with all our product lines that is what differentiates us from our competitors.  We also believe in keeping our price point attractive while still offering superior quality to our customers.

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