Washington DC (BBR) - Carolyn E. Howell is the President and Chief Executive Officer of EventsUSA an exceptionally vibrant event planning company with a dynamic niche. Specializing in successful corporate events, Carolyn is the creative energy behind nearly twenty-five hundred successful company events (picnics, corporate outings, teambuilding events) over the past twenty years. Through dedicated hands-on work directly with HR professionals and business owners she came to understand how the corporate culture of an organization played into the type of event that would most positively impact their employees and affect their bottom line.

“Often times the human resource department is expected to act like the cheerleaders of the company when in actuality they are the ones with a birds’ eye view of the woes and challenges and in time this can take a toll on them” Carolyn remarks. “Because we manage every detail this allows your staff to stay on task in their role and actually enjoy the planned event, as a guest.  This is the secret behind Events USA excellent reputation.

The EventsUSA organization works as an extension of the human resource department to create events that have a positive impact on their corporate culture. They start by asking the right questions, determine the corporate expectations and needs, then they provide the event solutions to achieve the desired goal.  Their strategic relationships and alliances allow them to be the “one stop” shop that companies need.

Carolyn creates, designs and produces every aspect of each event. Carolyn and her team become the single point of contact, the single source of contracts and facilitator of payments for all professional vendor relationships.

Her expertise is sought out by companies desiring her to create events to help resolve challenges within their workforce. EventsUSA integrates the inclusion of timely subject matter experts on communication, etiquette, cultural sensitivity, work place transformation, multi-generational leadership transition and professional development. Carolyn believes that carefully integrating important growth and awareness topics within an event will enhance the guest experience when an environment is created that is properly prepared, well managed, interaction and inclusive.  Carolyn’s approach elevates and enhances the success of the corporate event providing a measurable ROI. 

Carolyn is also actively on the move with current board positions with the DC Chamber of Commerce, Wolf Trap Associates Board and the “O” Museum.

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