Baltimore MD (BBR) - Joey Price has  spent over 10 years in the HR Industry. He started as a Human Resources Assistant and ended up in the boardroom as a Chief Executive Officer of an HR consulting firm. 

Through years of hands-on experience as an HR expert in several organizations, He have identified the needs to revitalize underperforming businesses through innovative consulting strategies and efficient HR administrative outsourcing support.

That's why he launched his  company, Jumpstart: HR. We specialize in HR consulting for small businesses and startups.

Unquestionably, we are backed by HR Professionals with years of experience in helping many businesses translate their goals to high ROI through happily engaged staff members. 

As the CEO of Jumpstart:HR, I have earned many recognitions in which one of them is being named "Top 30 HR Professional Under 30" by SHRM's HR Magazine. 

However, with Jumpstart: HR, your business will experience stability and profitability again. Curious? Contact me!

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As a serial entrepreneur, I love helping people grow. This is why I host a podcast show that is focused on Business, Life, and Coffee (BLC). 

BLC is a podcast that is focused on enhancing the quality of your business and life through unique content. We engage in conversation relating to personal finance, psychology, professional development and business for emerging professionals and business owners alike. 

I have featured distinguished guests which included; Will Dean (CEO of Tough Mudder), Curtis Midkiff (Chief Social Media Strategist at Southwest Airlines) and Ashley Graham (Super Model/Author/Activist).

☛Interestingly, I gained insight to grow my company (Jumpstart: HR) during coffee shop chat sessions some years ago. So, you too can do the same by visiting my website:

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