Maryland (BBR) - In August of 2013, Mela T Bakery, “a Sweet-a-LiciousCupcakery” was born from Tyreece Johnson’s love and passion for baking. She adopted her mother’s classic recipes of cakes and desserts they both used to bake together from scratch when she was a child. Now as an adult, she has re-invented those same classic cake recipes but with a modern, unique flare and delicious play on flavors; all while incorporating her love for beautiful designs and colors. Mela T Bakery cupcakes range from the classic vanilla, chocolate, and red velvet cupcakes, all the way to specialized flavors and ingredients uniquely created by Tyreece Johnson.

Mela T Bakery origin all started when a friend asked Tyreece to bake 70 cupcakes for their birthday party. When Tyreece arrived and everyone at the party was mesmerized by the design, the colors, the smell, the moist, and the delicious taste of her cupcakes – she was bombarded with questions and requests for business cards! After several months of research, Tyreece saw the need for a “Cupcakery” like Mela T Bakery. A “Cupcakery” that delivers a moist, flavorful, unique to the taste, “granny style” cupcake fused with unique designs and colors to suit any party and/or event. With her mother’s assistance, Tyreece created a recipe diary where she played with several different classic recipes and added unique flavor combinations and ingredients. Mela T Bakery debut was kicked off by a free Cupcake & Wine Tasting that was sponsored by Tyreece Johnson, neighboring businesses, investors/supporters made up of family and friends. 

Overatbakery@ the last four years, our rooster of signature, premium, and Cocktail cupcakes has expanded to several other uniquely flavored and designed cupcakes. Our list of clients has grown and is continuously growing. We have expanded business wise by offering cupcake catering for corporate clients. We use the clients’ party and/or event theme and design a unique cupcake table from our growing inventory of design elements, tiered stands, and of course - specially designed cupcakes. Mela T Bakery cupcakes successfully go beyond the traditional bakeries and/or market brand style cupcakes and services. We are totally a unique “Cupcakery!”

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