Baltimore (BBR) - Pastor, motivator, and mentor, Mr. Paul Grant was born on May 23, 1973, to the late Reverend Samuel Grant and Annie L. Grant. Three years later, Reverend Samuel Grant preached his message and died in the pulpit, while his family watched in disbelief. Paul grew up in the streets of Baltimore questioning God for taking his father away from his family. As a result of his feelings of anger, Paul grappled with being torn between the street and church. At the age of thirteen, Paul’s brother John introduced him to the game of basketball. Paul’s passion for the game of basketball earned him a scholarship to a Christian college in California. Through prayer and direction from his mother, Annie Grant, Paul drew closer to God.

As a dedicated athlete and scholar, Paul decided to transfer to Morgan State University, where he received the Male Athlete of the Year and the Most Valuable Player Award in 1997. He was drafted to play professional basketball in London, England. After playing an amazing rookie season, Paul came home to visit his family not knowing that God was rearranging his plans and his purpose in life. Paul visited Bread of Life at the Cathedral, where he met Elder Ham and Bishop Darnell F. Johnson III. Paul gratefully accepted his calling to serve God instead of pursuing his basketball dreams. It was an honor for Paul to serve Bishop Johnson for six years. He was promoted from an Adjutant to a Deacon and from Deacon to a Youth Minister.

Pastor Ham mentored Paul in life, ministry, and people. Pastor Paul founded Greater Life Ministries in January of 2011, in the covering of Pastor Darryl K. Ham. He was officially ordained by Dr. Jamal Harrison Bryant, Bishop Orlando Wilson, and his spiritual father Pastor Darryl K. Ham. Pastor Baltimore (BBR)  - Paul is a devoted husband to his loving wife, First Lady Arnita Grant. This trailblazer is the proud father of two talented daughters, Paige and Logan. Pastor Paul is surrounded by fearful and faithful women of God; Annie Grant, Terry Grant and Julie Nelson

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