(BBR) - As an avid community service agent, first-generation entrepreneur, and ambitious business woman, I aspire to build a legacy through business development, community service and philanthropy. I have been coined as “the connector" because I consistently try to find ways to connect fellow like-minded individuals in my network to help them build their legacies. I've done this through hosting workshops, networking socials, community service projects, and my book 100 Ways To Make A Difference Right WhereYou Are With What You Have.

I work daily to 'leave a LEGACY'. To live my dream is to live in such a way that I can GIVE and inspire others to do the same.Vau’ve Anais, Legacy Driven Philanthropist and founder of Official Anais Consulting

Awards & Certifications:

  • 15 of the Most Powerful Women of the South Side(Chicago) Acknowledgement
  • Fashion Arts and Humanity Fete Humanitarian of the Year Award
  • Black Celebrity Giving Best Non-Profit  PR and Event Planning Award

Legacy Centered Consulting Scope of Services:

*specific to non-for-profits, entrepreneurs, small businesses and social enterprises

Philanthropic Coordination

Execution and Coordination of Annual Fundraisers

Relationship and Resource Cultivation

Community Relations/Volunteer Management and Recruitment

Marketing, Branding and Public Relations Consultation


Areas of Expertise: 

Legacy Identification

Vau’ve ‘s consulting firm, Official Anais Consulting, helps client identify their brand’s ‘big picture’. Vauve assists clients in identifying how their business can serve a greater purpose beyond their product or service. She helps entrepreneurs learn how to marry their many talents to create a long-lasting legacy while using their business as a springboard for their greater purpose.

Event Coordination and Fundraising

Vau’ve has worked within the non-for-profit sector and with grassroots non-for-profits over 10 years helping execute and coordinate small and large scale fundraisers. Vau’ve has also streamlined volunteer recruitment and management, public relations, and community relations campaigns for non-for-profits and small businesses.


Brand Development

Official Anais Consulting helps develop brand building strategies that will enable clients to gain positive notoriety in their respective field, to their clients, fan base, prospective investors and beyond. They help build brand awareness through consistent brand messaging, graphic imaging, traditional and digital strategic marketing, web design, and more!



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