(BBR) Baltimore, Maryland  - Teresa Epps Cummings, Esq. has been involved in mass-tort litigation with a focus of asbestos-exposure cases, since 1995 having worked as a paralegal for the Law Offices of Shepard A. Hoffman and Parker, Dumler & Kiely while furthering her legal education.  Since being admitted to the bar, she has continued to practice asbestos mass tort litigation. For over ten years, as an attorney at the Law Offices of Peter T. Nicholl, she handles all aspects of preparing cases to be litigated, settled and/or arbitrated against companies who either installed, manufactured or sold, asbestos containing products to the detriment of her clients.  Teresa has a knack for putting her clients at ease during what can be, very adversarial proceedings.  
Teresa is a wife and mom and when not spending time with her family or fighting the good fight on behalf of her clients, Teresa spends her spare time being very active in her community. She has served as president of the Alliance of Black Women Attorneys of Maryland and as co-chairman of the Bar Association of Baltimore City’s Pro-Bono & Access to Legal Services committee. Currently, she serves as chairman of the Monumental City Bar Foundation and is also an active member of the Baltimore County chapter of Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc.  All of these organizations/committees are focused on giving back to the communities in which we live, work and play.  And, in Teresa’s opinion, community service is a lifestyle!  
Regarding her work as chairman, The Monumental City Bar Foundation is pleased to announce its 25th Annual Scholarship Golf Classic. This wonderful event will be held on Monday, July 16, 2018, at Bulle Rock Golf Course in Havre De Grace, Maryland. As the foundation celebrates its 20-year anniversary, the board members remain dedicated to strengthening organizations in Baltimore City that have made and continue to make a monumental impact on the lives of those in the Baltimore City community. The golf tournament continues to be the foundation’s premiere fundraising event and the funds raised allow us to continue to award scholarships to law students attending the Universities of Baltimore and Maryland in addition to providing grants to Baltimore City community organizations.  For information regarding the golf tournament, please visit www.monumentalcitybarfoundation.org. 
As Teresa continues through what she is calling the second phase of her legal career, she sees the need to be honest and transparent with all coming up behind her.  It is important to stress to our youth that no matter where you come from or what adversities you have faced, you, too, can make a way out of no way.  From humble beginnings in North Philadelphia to lawyer and leader in the Baltimore City legal community, she often reflects on a passage from one of her favorite poems by Langston Hughes. ……..

Life for me ain’t been no crystal stair. It’s had tacks in it,  And splinters,  And boards torn up, And places with no carpet on the floor— Bare. But all the time I’se been a-climbin’ on,  And reachin’ landin’s,  And turnin’ corners……………  Don’t you set down on the steps ’Cause you finds it’s kinder hard. Don’t you fall now— For I’se still goin’, honey, I’se still climbin’, And life for me ain’t been no crystal stair. 

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