Baltimore, Maryland (BBR) - Marché is a singer, songwriter, philanthropist & humanitarian from Baltimore, Maryland. She heads Support A Cause Foundation for the Arts (SACFA), a non-profit that uses unique fundraising techniques to assist youth that are gifted in the arts.  Proceeds from the songs Marché writes and records are donated to SACFA.

Marché’s latest project “Naked” (now available on all digital streaming services under Marché Patrice) will be used to support Baltimore summer youth art programs through her organization. Growing up in Baltimore, Maryland, Marché realized that there was a need to provide artist resources to school age children in her community.  She noticed that music and art programs in the Baltimore area were under-served, underfunded and dwindling.  Marché believed that more was needed to ensure that the youth in these areas reach their full potential by exploring their artistic gifts.  As a result, she developed Support A Cause Foundation for the Arts to inspire youth to develop their skills and talents.  SACFA’s purpose is to support local art programs and art organizations that provide direct art services to Baltimore area youth along with raising awareness of the need for art in school age children’s lives and to create a vehicle for children to learn music, theater, dance, literary arts, media and visual arts.

Support A Cause Foundation for the Arts will be having a fundraising event on Saturday, June 30, 2018 in Baltimore, Maryland from 5pm – 8pm where Baltimore area art programs will be awarded SACFA’s Youth Summer Art Program Grants.  Proceeds from this event will support our goal to provide funding for art focused programs in the Baltimore area.  To attend or donate, go to

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