Atlanta, Ga (BBR News) Nicole Nixon, founder of Listing Central LLC, became a leader in the telecom industry through commitment and innovation. Prior to 2004 she was an active forerunner in the telecommunications industry and successfully gained notoriety, until a partnered company chose to go out of business. Her future in the telecom industry proved to be an unclear challenge. However, having a postive outlook and and endless knowledge about her field, in 2007, Nixon effectively secured a position as a Manager for Directory Services. She was then to supervise businesses like Time Warner Cable and Verizon.

Subsequently, Nixon created the Directory Listing service company, Listing Central LLC, after leaving her corporate position in 2010. She discovered certain limitations holding back telecom companies and pursued the solution to the problem. Since then, Listing Central LLC has worked with several companies, like 411 and White & Yellow Pages, to regularly send telephone subscriber information to cable and telephone companies, VOIP carriers, and network provider carriers throughout the US and Canada.

While recruiting a number of other carriers over the last few years, Nixon signed her first telecom contract in 2012 with the  U.S.'s largest internet provider. This gained Listing Central LLC another 10 million subscribers.

Always encouraged by her father, Nixon grew up with a strong foundation in her faith and in her family. Today, along with her distinguished career, she is a wife and mother of five. Her advice to other entrepreneurs balancing a career and family:

1. Always make time for family – There will never be enough time in a day to finish your work; but ALWAYS make time for family. This is the No. 1 priority and asset.

2. Never make decisions based on fear – Men and women make decisions differently. There will be many challenges, but make your decisions based on relevant strategies that drive results. What you know to work and not what you “hope” will get it done.

3. Don’t be afraid to fail – The only way you can FAIL is if you fall and never get up. Failure is your proof that the first path didn’t work, so create a second one that will. Girl, you got this.

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