Maryland ( BBR) - Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver, a Board Certified Family Physician, has practiced medicine in Maryland for over 10 years. On August 1st 2018, Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver opened Resolve MD: Direct Primary Care.  Dr. Johnson-Weaver shifted to the Direct Primary Care model of healthcare to provide an affordable medical care option that focuses heavily on a personal doctor-patient relationship.

Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver graduated cum laude from Princeton University in New Jersey and then moved to Philadelphia to go to Temple School of Medicine. She completed her medical training at Chestnut Hill Family Medicine Residency Program in 2005 and has practiced family medicine with multiple primary care organizations in Delaware and Maryland. Her last employed position was with Greater Baltimore Medical Association where she worked as the lead family physician at the Perry Hall Family Medicine office and then for half a year at the Owings Mills Primary Care office.

Dr. Johnson-Weaver’s love of medicine rests in her interactions with patients. Talking one on one with her patients, learning who they are and their life influences is a crucial and rewarding aspect of her job.

Despite her love of connecting with and treating patients, Dr. Joi Johnson-Weaver became disenchanted with the world of primary care. Because of increasing insurance guidelines by non-medically trained personnel, doctors have less time caring and getting to know patients. Fed up with a system that is not patient-centered, Dr. Johnson-Weaver created Resolve MD: Direct Primary Care.

At Resolve MD: Direct Primary Care, each patient actually gets Dr. Johnson-Weaver's cell phone number for easy access to her. Each patient can schedule a visit up to an hour and a half so that they never feel rushed. Dr. Johnson- Weaver makes her practice even more convenient and personable by doing house calls, worksite visits, and even web visits when appropriate. Dr. Johnson-Weaver is able to run this type of medical practice by not taking health insurance rather patients pay an affordable monthly fee on average $75. This type of practice can be attractive to patients without health insurance, patients with high deductible insurance and simply patients who are tired of the rushed pace and poor access to their physicians that is common in traditional primary care.

When not working, Dr. Johnson-Weaver enjoys spending time with her three children. She loves to volunteer in the community as a youth basketball coach, reading coach and mentor. Dr. Johnson-Weaver also loves to play sports, walk outdoors and garden. She hopes that more black professionals become small business owners. She feels that creating your own business is a way to make your mark in the world on your terms.  


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