Nationwide — Who’s ready for a great new book! When I Grow Up by author Jessica McEachern, MA, MSW, emboldens young readers, ages two to ten, to imagine a multitude of career pathways.

McEachern’s book follows the imaginings of young Zoey as she excitedly scrolls through the alphabet, using each letter to identify a career possibility. The U, in Zoey’s world for example, reflects her vision of becoming an urban planner; the Q, a quantitative psychologist. To Zoey the possibilities are seemingly endless and free of gender biases – a world vision encouraged by Zoey’s mother.

“The book was written with the intent of promoting education and inclusion,” McEachern states. Her wish is to encourage readers to dream big as Zoey does, to set goals, and to take the necessary steps toward achieving goals. Zoey’s travel through the alphabet of career possibilities is enhanced further by Andrea Alemanno’s illustrations that, according to McEachern, “endorse self-confidence while embracing working together with others.”

McEachern is also the author of Societal Perceptions and has worked in the field of human services for over eleven years. She has been featured in Rolling Out, The Charlotte Weekly, Readers Favorite, Black News, and more!

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