Through the 1sqbox® Parent App, Parents are able to observe their child's progress utilizing any computer or mobile device. Parents are always in the loop with our easy to access Parental portal which provides Parents with:

Access to Student grades & activities schedule

Simplified communication with teachers to obtain status reports

Daily notification of Student attendance status.



School principals can monitor teachers via the tablet. A software platform allows them to view teachers’ lesson plans, assignments and other information.

1sqbox is in the process of refining its software for easier use. It is also adapting its platform  for district-wide use. Now, each school can monitor itself. We are adapting it so each school in a district can be monitored, he says.

The company sells directly to school districts, which then distribute the tablets to users. The marketing focus so far has been Baltimore City and Maryland along with nearby states like Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York. 

Writer: Barbara Pash


1SQBOX School Software 



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