BBJMD - Maryland - University of Maryland, Baltimore County produces more black M.D. and Ph.D. degree-earners than any other college in the country, according to new data from the Association of American Medical Colleges.

In total, 44 UMBC alumni who identify as African American or black earned M.D.-Ph.D. degrees. These degrees indicate a combined scientific and medical education and are typically sought by students who want to conduct research in a medical setting. Since 2000, 413 black men and women have earned M.D.-Ph.D.s from institutions across the country — more than 10 percent of those were UMBC alumni.

Harvard University was second on AAMC's list of top M.D. and Ph.D. producers and, followed by Morehouse College, Xavier University of Louisiana and another Maryland institution, Johns Hopkins University.

Maryland schools continue to produce high numbers of minority medical degree-seekers. According to additional AAMC data, of the University of Maryland, College Park's 361 alumni who applied to medical schools in 2017, 46 were black. Hopkins had 39 black applicants and UMBC had 34. All three Maryland institutions were among the 30 schools nationally with the highest number of black applicants — College Park ranked at No. 13 overall. Hopkins also produced a large portion of Hispanic/Latino applicants, with 61 in 2017 — the 16th highest amount in the country.

UMBC points to its commitment to research and several of its undergraduate programs that have supported minority advanced degree seekers. The school's Meyerhoff Scholars Program is aimed at increasing diversity in science, technology, engineering and math fields. And its MARC U*STAR Program supports undergraduate students from underrepresented groups who are majoring in the sciences, engineering and math, and who plan to pursue a Ph.D. Of the over 1,100 students that have come out of those programs, 76 have gone on to complete M.D.-Ph.D.s.

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