Atlanta, GA (BBR) - Young Empowered Students, or Y.E.S., was developed by Malisha Goggans. It is a Leadership Development Organization that serves individuals that are hungry to create 'their' vision of success. Once an organization for college students, Y.E.S. actively supports anyone looking to achieve goals they once thought impossible. Y.E.S. strategically helps those seeking advice and direction to map out their future. With services based on passion instead of age, Goggans believes that everyone is a “student of life” and should always look for growth.


Goggans, who returned to college at 25, possessed a maturer perspective than her younger peers. Seeing the finish line, she noticed that for the goals set by her peers, help from the administration was lacking. She began to link students and their majors to organizations that would propel their careers in the future. A major principle of Y.E.S. is to help students reach their full potential. Goggans discovered that a large amount of students had no idea what their full potential encompassed. She said, “Students did not really understand what their major offered, many appeared to be grateful to just attend college. I wanted more for them. They were my future!”

Following the “Path” herself, Goggans left the Human Services profession after receiving assistance from her mentor, Mr. Lee from Support Black Owned Business Directory. She described him as her, “angel that reminded me anything is possible and he definitely led by example.” This connection helped her reach clients no matter the distance.

Like the company, Goggans exudes a passion to help others achieve their own. “Give Back To Inspire” means putting someone else in front of you for their betterment. Goggans’ team consist of Kristina Neal-Mosely, a former Y.E.S. participant who is now the Project Manager in Indiana, La Sondra Osbey, their Marketing and Business Consultant in Ohio, and James Riggins, their Business Consultant.

Y.E.S. welcomes anyone from beginning college freshman to those that aren’t compelled by the university lifestyle. As long as they are interested in bettering themselves. Y.E.S. implements one-on-one coaching, speaking engagements, mentoring services, and seminars. They have ‘Paths’ that differ in length and learning style. The four week path is for knowledge driven individuals, while the nine week path is better suited for those that require smaller doses of information at a time. Clients who need hands-on assistance are walked through from their freshman year to graduation. At Y.E.S. they put into effect ‘Partner Build Develop’, a structured process for meeting goals.

In the coming years, Goggans expects extensive opportunities for Y.E.S. She expects the company to release a self-help book entitled, “What the F’s The Fears and Failures of Life”. Y.E.S. will launch a Leadership Academy called The Inspire Division to aid in ongoing personal development resources. It will also serve as a follow up resource for graduating students of any 'Path' Program offered by Y.E.S. This will be offered online with some additional conferences within the U.S.A. They even seek to provide onsite locations in New York, California, Texas and the Washington, D.C. area.

Concerning young women who wish to travel down the entrepreneurial path, and who wish to help other people when they grow up, Goggans’ steps were to:

“First write your vision down and place it where you have to see if for at least 21 days. Begin to quiet yourself and envision it becoming possible. It was not until I could see Y.E.S. becoming a reality that we could begin to make things possible.

Secondly, link with your local Small Business Development Center. The free courses and programs offered are priceless resources and the bonus of networking one could ever obtain.

Third, obtain a mentor that is specific in the area you need help in, not necessarily your business as that will come. You want to be healthy in your finances, mind, relationships and goals. My mentor helped me with marketing my business, after he helped me identify that my personal life was in tact and my discipline was aligned with my business goals.

Lastly, I do recommend utilizing the free SBO site to allow their business to have fresh exposure from every state. This has been one of the best resources for Y.E.S. We are linked with an App as well. Anyone is welcomed to reach out and ask us more about entrepreneurship.”

About the Scholarship:

The Arley Owens Earth Team Green scholarship was created in honor of Mr. Owens the Director of Keep Reynoldsburg Beautiful, an affiliate of Keep America Beautiful and a lifelong strong advocate of the Environmental world. Through the creation of his comic books (Earth Team Green), he continues to educate and inspire many students in various school systems to become more environmentally friendly. We at Y.E.S. wanted to contribute in the cause. I also have a background in the Solid Waste Industry.

The one time first semester $300 scholarship will help raise awareness of becoming more responsible to our environment. We encourage the applicant to develop a new method to educate individuals, families or a community to improve their current environmental contribution. We also will provide the scholarship annually if they can make it an ongoing project and demonstrate how it would be maintained.

-Malisha Goggans

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