THERE’S a magic number that means you’re officially rich. And it’s not about the value of your house, but how much you’ve got stashed in the bank.

REMEMBER when being a millionaire actually meant being rich?

While it’s still a tidy sum — and could buy you a lifetime supply of smashed avocado — $1 million is no longer the life-changing figure that ensures financial security.

If you’re living in...

(Baltimore MD ) - Morgan State University’s Board of Regents has announced its unanimous vote to award a new, five-year contract to University President David Wilson, extending his term until 2023. The announcement and official contract signing took place in an open public session during the Board’s February meeting. With the new agreement in place, Morgan joins other Maryland...

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Hillside, NJ — 15-year old Essynce Moore is the only African American teen author that has written three books that are mandatory readings for several school district curriculums including Hillside, NJ School District; Brooklyn, NY Charter School(s); and Orange, NJ School District. Her books are a part of a series that she created called The Middle School Chronicles.



This is an introductory guide to how to self-publish (both print and ebook), and how to choose the right services or approach based on your needs and budget.

  1. A Quick History of Self-Publishing
  2. The Most Common Ways to Self-Publish Today
  3. Self-Publishing: The DIY Approach I Recommend
  4. How Ebook Self-Publishing Services Work
  5. Creating Ebook Files
  6. How to Self-Publish a Print Book
  7. ...

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