Loudoun County, Virginia (November 6, 2018) —Loudoun County is the richest county in the United Sates. An elite social group has emerged out of this wealthy county and has become a super connector for businesses and community leaders. Socialites of Loudoun has become the group to join and be a part of in the area. The group is comprised of 95% C-Level executives, business owners and socialites alike. At any given time, at any given event, you may be standing by a professional athlete, commentator, news castor, actor or a business owner. Socialites of Loudoun is an amazing group that wants the community to be informed about new businesses, events, people in need, community projects and where you need to be to give a helping hand. They contribute to numerous projects in the community.

 Carmen Felder is the founder and has grown this group to over 10k followers. Carmen is a disabled, United States Veteran and founder of Authentic Connections, a business management, branding and consulting firm. Socialites of Loudoun is comprised of successful men and women. “I wanted to form a group that incorporated men and women because I do not agree with the groups for only women or men or who only cater to a particular race. The DMV is a melting pot of wonderful men and women of all races, religions and political beliefs. We should be able to come together and uplift each other to be successful and great men and women of the community.” – Carmen Felder

Socialites of Loudoun is dedicated to highlighting local businesses in the community. After hitting over 10k members, this group is widely recognized for its elite members and its philopatry through volunteering every month for the community.

Socialites of Loudoun has touched many in the community. They gave out presents to needy families last year, delivered homemade desserts and cards to the local fire stations, police department and assisted living facilities. The group donated and assisted 89 Ways to Give Foundation in donating over 300 back packs to needy children in the community and so much more. Carmen Felder, a proud Disabled Veteran has decided that one of Socialites of Loudoun’s passions would be to honor and assist her fellow veterans.

If you are looking for a life changing opportunity. Join Socialites of Loudoun Facebook Group. You will be a part of a fun, giving, community of business women and men who want to make a difference in their community.


Media Contact:   Ms. Carmen Felder

Title: Founder

Company Name: Socialites of Loudoun

Phone Number: 703-870-6135

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