Baltimore (BBR) - I am writing a story about you guessed it - DIVAS!!
I am starting with some basics as I work on writing this story.
Why is it when a women speaks well, is confident, polite, has some education, likes nice, shiny things and stands up for herself people think she is arrogant, a B**** or Diva?
Recently, I looked up the word "Princess" and one of the given definitions of "Princess" is...

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Across from the Martin Luther King Jr. National Historic Site in Atlanta, a mural on a recreation center depicts the civil rights leader.Becky Krystal / The Washington Post via Getty Images
By Joel Kotkin and Wendell Cox
The 2007 housing crisis was particularly tough on African-Americans, as well as Hispanics...

(Cloundwards) We all need help sometimes, and there is nothing wrong with admitting that we have a problem: I am Ritika, and I am a social media addict. Every time I see a viral post, I can’t help myself from reading all about it. No matter how close I am to a deadline.

Of course, this leads to lower productivity and I have to spend more time doing the same work. Lucky for people like us there...

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simple savings calculator

Saving money can seem hard but the sooner you get started, the sooner you can start...

(New York Post) Fellow umpires don’t want to be the next Carlos Ramos.

There is an uneasy feeling amid tennis umpires after the WTA and USTA took Serena Williams’ side following her on-court feud with Ramos during Saturday’s US Open final. The Times of London reported that some umpires are considering boycotting Williams’ matches.

Ramos, 47, was “thrown to the wolves for simply doing...

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