Paid Advertisment Maryland  BBR- David and Stephanie Miller are the owners and founders of Rx Smart Coffee Inc. Both a developer and manufacturer of healthy beverages and an ecommerce company founded in 2013. David and Stephanie's goal is to become the market leader in sales of naturopathic and homeopathic products. The company is headquartered in Glenn Dale, Maryland. Despite the various preconceptions of Network Marketing, Rx Smart Coffee is well equipped to face these obstacles through experienced managers and leaders along with an easily accessible website and efficient distribution system.

Our mission is to be the number one coffee business that supports health and wealth! We exist to help customers garner deeper knowledge and understand that our coffee is more than an energy boost, but instead a necessity to help mitigate several health issues. Our network marketing program provides substantial revenue for our resellers and an opportunity to operate independently in a full or part time capacity. Most importantly, our products exceed the expectations of our customers! According the USA Today and the Harvard School of Public Health: Coffee has become more than just a shot of caffeine. It is a thirty billion-a-year national industry, a foodie fixation, an affordable luxury, a boost of disease-fighting antioxidants, a versatile ingredient, an intoxicating aroma and a beverage that brings people together. About eighty three percent of adult’s drink coffee in the U.S., the world's biggest consumer of the beverage, that's an average of three cups a day per person, or five hundred fifty seven million cups.In the next three years RX Smart Coffee intends to create an iconic e-commerce brand and will grow to $350,000,000 annual income.


David Miller born in Lake Charles La,

Stephanie Miller born in Baton Rouge La,

David and Stephanie though born and educated in Louisiana have lived and raised their family in Maryland for the last 25 years. Married 36 years with 5 children and 7 grandchildren,

We gained entrance into the world of commodities through our partnerships in Abidjan West Africa, the coco Capitol of the world, supplying over three quarters of the world's demand for coco. We sold coco by the ton to European companies like Cargill, Ecom-Agroindustrial and Dryfus Int. Although West Africa is not known for it's coffee per se, it is there where we purchased our first 11 tons. We have always had a desire to bring a product to market here in the US, however the market is flooded with coffees and presented very little room for new startups.

It was my bout with prostate cancer and Stephanie's bout with some intestinal problems that led us to the current coffee products we now produce. It was only after my prostate surgery that I discovered the vast

emptiness of truly effective natural products designed to aid and support men recovering from prostate cancer. Mostly men were given the option of Viagra.

It was Stephanie's background in science and pathology that equipped with the confidence to start down a path of discovery that ultimately led to the creation of our first coffee product, "Gentleman's Blend." Loaded with more than 10 different herbs we sought out the help of some of the top researchers at the University of Maryland Baltimore along with medicinal herbalist from Maryland University of Integrated Medicine to help develop the standard operating procedures which would give us the capability and confidence to mass produce our coffee guaranteeing exactly 100 mg of active ingredient in every cup.

We began our marketing plan with the help of a major marketing firm in the area. With their help we designed all logos and developed the language of our brands. We expanded our offering to 5 different blends of coffee and Teas and began our official launch of our company called "Smart Coffee" originally.

Rx Provision, a Network Marketing company, picked us up on their radar and offered us an exclusive contract to market our coffee blends. We accepted the terms and changed the name to "Rx Smart Coffee". Rx Smart Coffee launched in April of 2014 and sold over a million cups of coffee in the first 6 months of business. We had a three year agreement with the Rx group which had a performance clause requiring them to produce so much revenue within three years. After 2 years of business and before their 3rd year of obligation came to term they offered the company to Stephanie and I while retaining 10%. In January of 2016 Stephanie and I purchased 90% of all stock holdings in RxSmart Coffee with all their assets.

Rx Smart Coffee today is one of the nation's leading manufacturer and shipper of healthy specialty coffees with sights set on Mexico Central and South America along with West Africa as new startups that have already began to enroll in our Network Marketing opportunity.

Our oldest son David is married with 4 kids and is a local musician and music director at a major church in the area. Our oldest daughter Rebekah is married with 3 girls and is a professional staffer at Andrews AFB. Our third in line Sarah is a para-legal and is still single. Our fourth child is Jordan. He is an NFL nose tackle having played with 4 different teams and is now returning from an injury. Our baby is Jonathan, who is currently playing professional basketball in Australia with his sights on the NBA ultimately. Along with running Rx Smart Coffee we also pastor a small church in Maryland.

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