Tempe, AZ - With all due respect, to anyone named “Gail” – those Gails are nothing but trouble!

In every aspect of our business and personal lives, elements exist that can limit our potential and restrict us from leveraging our gifts – driving change and achieving greatness. The good news is that we have the choice to empower GAIL or squash her (like the bug that she is!).

Let’s talk about GAIL.

She is created by our experiences, values and observations. She receives strength from negative thoughts, generating the wrong emotions and delivering results that don’t serve us.

G – The Gremlin or inner critic inside all of us.This irritating little voice arrives in many forms and tries to convince us that we are “just not good enough.” It can show up in many ways, including fear or doubt. If given enough power, it can make us forget about what attracted us to being an entrepreneur, what we love most about our community and our passion for being effective leaders at home and work. Asking ourselves “What’s the worst thing that could happen?” when considering calculated business risks can help us overcome the idea that we are meant to be average or live small. This is simply not the case.

A – Assumptions stem from personal experiences associated with failure. Very powerful, as there are specific emotions connected to this perceived failure. Very damaging in that this mindset leads us to assume failure and anticipate success. Imagine the business application here relative to innovation – or lack thereof. “We tried that before and it didn’t work.” Good insight. Solid. Thanks for bringing that energy to the table! Imagine what is possible when we assume abundance and extreme success for the Tempe Chamber of Commerce, the business community and all the members we serve.

I – So I was shot down when asking someone out in the eighth grade (no surprise). I could take the assumption approach – I’ll never ask out anyone else (“I tried that before and it didn’t work”). Maybe I avoid the assumption but select an inaccurate interpretation of my rejection – concluding that she said “no” because of my wardrobe. My clouded interpretation could result in a waste of time, energy and money. Without diversity in thought and the strength of a team, we can often head down the wrong strategic path based on incorrect interpretations. Asking ourselves “What’s an alternate interpretation?” can help us break through closed-minded thinking, elevating our leadership style to one that’s dynamic.

L – In 1954, plenty of highly intelligent people insisted that running a mile under 4 minutes was not possible. The world listened to this perspective and believed it to be true. That was until Roger Bannister shattered this limiting belief by doing the seemingly impossible. Incredibly, dozens of people in the following years achieved this goal after the theory was proven wrong.

It’s okay to challenge and dare the experts – aiming higher than anyone “allows” us to.

Change can be new and even scary based on uncertainty. However, changing the way we show up each and every single day is entirely within our control. We have free will and a choice to either be overwhelmed and afraid of change (completely understandable – but don’t live there) – or the opportunity to harness the energy of change, creating an exciting adventure in all aspects of our business and professional lives.

Choose wisely.

Brian Wood

Chairman of the Board, Tempe Chamber of Commerce -

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