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Black Business Review has choosen this photo as the photo of the day from social media. 

Mom: Kimberly Marine

Kids: Deshawn & Keshawn (in the photo)

Backstory: The picture is from street outreach. It is for the love of the kids that we fought for the space in the closed school to bring food programming to the children. Feed them before 10pm and teach them how to cook and let them feed their community when we open up the space as a FREE restaurant.

Their family also lost their housing so we helped them into a home, but on the East side, so now the coach and myself drive the boys back to the West side so they can participate at the Recreation Center (that they fought to keep open) and at The Food Project (which they helped to build).


Great Quote from facebook: 

“…the shadow of the two boys is giving me life!! So many challenges, yet so much potential to soar!!” —Eddie Green Jr. 

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