Baltimore (BBR) - I am writing a story about you guessed it - DIVAS!!
I am starting with some basics as I work on writing this story.
Why is it when a women speaks well, is confident, polite, has some education, likes nice, shiny things and stands up for herself people think she is arrogant, a B**** or Diva?
Recently, I looked up the word "Princess" and one of the given definitions of "Princess" is - A spoiled or arrogant young woman according to Oxford Dictionary.
When I looked up the word for Diva. One of the definitions for this word says - (A self-important person who is temperamental and difficult to please (typically used of a woman).
My question to everybody today is how come we live in a world that is always telling us that we can "Be all you can be", "A mind is a terrible thing to waste", L'Oreal (Because your worth it) and Nike "Just do it". That when you actually go to do these things noone is happy for you in the (Becoming somebody phase). When you have nothing, you are cool with everyone. When you have everything you are cool with everyone. But if you are someone stuck in the middle there seems to be hell to pay particularly if you a women and some feel you might really achieve your goal. (Both men and women).
Why do people have problems with people who like nice things and work really really hard for them. Why is it that current society doesn't feel like people are entitled to nice things. Why is it that if on any given day you decide to put on dress pants instead of the usual (Walmart look) you are now considered bouje'. Why if you fix your hair or do anything out of the ordinary there seems to be eyebrows raised on it. Has the world become so used to ordinary that if you do anything just a little bit out of the ordinary you are considered arrogant, bouje, (btw which means "trying to adhere to a lifestyle of luxury" trying is the keep word in this phrase) all of those adjectives! Dare you pull out spirituality or religion then you are really in for it!.
The Statue of Liberty is a women, the Legal Scale is designed with a woman to keep an even keel and balance. So when I hear phrases like ohh she is such a Diva, Okay Princess (Negative connotation). My mind wonders why all the words that should be a celebratory word for young girls and women all have a derivation that is defined as negative.
Fall, 2018 has been amazing in that I have come across and met some of the most profound, upbeat, true, inspirational and extraordinary people that I haven't come across in quite sometime. I don't know-maybe its the way the moon has lined up.
So here are my shout outs to my new inspirations whom (btw, some are women) and thank you because sometimes the road is hard. Other times my brothers and sisters of all races, genders, etc. help us keep the beat!. Wendy, Ricky, Daniel, Cinthia, Debbie, Maria, Renee, Monica, DJ Sean, Shoboy, Scott, Michael),Toni (Female), Marlo, Garcia , Stephen (Los Angeles), Lisa G, Amy Chalk Dada and all my angels. I love yall! Thank you for understanding, supporting, leading and lighting the way!!
The rest of yall gots work to do (me too!). Peace Out.
(btw the Peace sign was created with ideas from women, they say).

The writer of this Op-Ed is Janice McLean DeLoatch - an Author, WebTv Host,Serial Creative Networker and Advocate for Humanity.
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