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WASHINGTON (AP) — No more staying up late during the week. Farewell to sleeping in. And hello, homework!

The lazy days of summer are ending for millions of children as they grab their backpacks, pencils and notebooks and return to the classroom for a new school year.

Some facts and figures to know as the new school year begins:



About 50 million students are...


Tempe, AZ - With all due respect, to anyone named “Gail” – those Gails are nothing but trouble!

In every aspect of our business and personal lives, elements exist that can limit our potential and restrict us from leveraging our gifts – driving change and achieving greatness. The good news is that we have the choice to empower GAIL or squash...

BBR - Rev. Stephens is a fourth generation Preacher from Plain Dealing, Louisiana. He serves as an associate minister at the New Shiloh Baptist Church of Baltimore Maryland with Rev. Dr. Harold A. Carter, Jr.
A civil rights and community activist, he informs others about the issues of the day and public policy. Rev Stephens, coordinated the “Ride for Pride”, organizing several buses...

The Atlantic. - Almost everyone has something they want to change about their personality. In 2014, a study that traced people’s goals for personality change found that the vast majority of its subjects wanted to be more extraverted, agreeable, emotionally stable, and open to new experiences. A whopping 97 percent said they wished they were more conscientious.

These desires appeared to be...

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